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Here are some command-line options you can use when starting the Notes client. Many of these were taken from docs in the Notes KB. Substitute the path for your Notes.exe file for “C:NotesNotes.exe” in the list below.

C:NotesNotes.exe =C:NotesMyNotes.ini Starts the client with an alternate INI file
C:NotesNotes.exe dbName.nsf Opens a specified local database when the client is started
server!!dbName.nsf Opens a specified database on a specified server when the client is started
C:NotesNotes.exe doclink.ndl Opens a specified doclink when the client is started
C:NotesNotes.exe http://www.nsftools.com Opens a specified web page when the client is started
C:NotesNotes.exe notes://… Opens a specified database, view, form, or document using its Notes URL when the client is started (*)
C:NotesNotes.exe mailto: Begins composing an e-mail to the specified address with the Notes mail client
C:NotesNotes.exe MAIL Opens the default mail database on the Notes client
C:NotesNotes.exe ADMINONLY Starts the Notes Admin client (R5+)
C:NotesNotes.exe /EMBEDDING Starts Notes as an OLE server
C:NotesNotes.exe /AUTOMATION Starts Notes minimized

(*) In Notes 6 and higher, the notes:// URL of a database, view, form, or document can be determined using the NotesURL property of the element when it’s accessed in LotusScript as a NotesDatabase, NotesView, NotesForm, or NotesDocument. If you want to construct a notes:// URL manually, it’s of the structure:

notes://servername/databaseName?OpenDatabase or notes://servername/__dbReplicaID?OpenDatabase for a database
notes://servername/databaseName/viewName?OpenView or notes://servername/__dbReplicaID/viewUNID?OpenView for a view
notes://servername/databaseName/formName?OpenForm or notes://servername/__dbReplicaID/formUNID?OpenForm for a form
notes://servername/databaseName/0/documentUNID?OpenDocument or notes://servername/__dbReplicaID/0/documentUNID?OpenDocument for a document
You can leave the server name blank (so the protocol starts with notes:///) if you want to access a local database, view, etc.

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