Mother connects to your home network by way of Ethernet port and is coupled with accompanying mobile sensors called “Cookies” that detect location, movement and temperature. The Motion Cookies wirelessly communicate with the Mother parent device, and also with each other, over a proprietary radio standard (on the 915 MHz frequency band in the US, and 868 MHz in Europe), allowing for a variety of tailored uses. When out of range, Cookies can store up to 10 days of data, which is automatically uploaded when a Mother unit is detected.


The system can be employed to monitor walking or jogging distances, register which family members are at home, log how often home objects are being used, take temperature readings throughout the home, and track sleep quality, amongst other applications. Notifications including text messages, emails and phone calls can also be set up, for such things as intrusion alerts if certain doors and windows are opened, or for when a family member arrives home.

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