Algorithmia was born in 2013 with the goal of advancing the art of algorithm development, discovery and use. Algorithm developers can host their work on the site and charge a fee per-use to developers who integrate the algorithm into their own work. The platform encourages further additions to its library through a bounty system, which lets users request algorithms that researchers familiar with the field can contribute from their work or develop from scratch for a fee.

Today Algorithmia builds what they believe to be the next era of programming: a collaborative, always live and community driven approach to making the machines that we interact with better.

The community drives the Algorithmia API. One API that exposes the collective knowledge of algorithm developers across the globe. And to demonstrate the platform’s algorithm hosting tools, the Algorithmia team built a simple app using seven user-contributed algorithms that visualizes what a crawler does as it works through links to build the structure of a site.

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