The list below contemplates our Top 10 list of Best Dropbox Applications for your use. Explore them to “sleep in the clouds”!

#10 Send to Dropbox

Send email with file attachments straight to your Dropbox. Sign up with your Dropbox account to receive an unique email address, and start sending files. All your attachments will automatically appear in your new folder.

#9 KISSr

Transforms your Dropbox folders into Websites. With KISSr, you can manage an entire website from a folder in your Dropbox. No need to worry, as this app will only have access to one specific folder in your Dropbox. Domains that end in KISSr.co are free.

#8 DropboxPortableAHK

DropboxPortableAHK will make Dropbox fully portable, so you won’t need to install it on your computers – just copy the entire directory into a flash stick and start the application. Select which folders should be in sync. You can also run multiple accounts simultaneously on the same computer.

#7 Dropboxifier

Dropboxifier helps you share your saved application data between computers by simplifying the process of adding folders to Dropbox and creating symbolic links. No need to store all your files under the same folder.

#6 DropItToMe

Receive files with security from your friends to your Dropbox. Set up an unique upload address with password protection and receive an email when a new file is uploaded. You can simply turn off the upload feature when you don’t want to receive any more files.

#5 Dropbox Automator

Drag and drop files into Dropbox folders on Dropbox, and convert and sync them automatically to your favorite cloud services, including Facebook, Flickr, Evernote and other web services.

#4 JotForm

JotForm is a simple and free form builder. Using its free account, you can do up to 100 form submissions per month. Quickly and easily link forms to your Website, and upload JotForm files to Dropbox.

#3 URL Droplet

URL Droplet copies files from their locations straight to your Dropbox. Use file links to save web-hosted downloads. No need to download files locally – you can now virtually download files from the whole Web to your personal cloud.

#2 Mover

Mover is a complete control panel that allows you to sync/send files and data automatically between online services. You can copy files from Dropbox to Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box or an FTP location. Create automated schedules to manage, time-stamp and log your transfers. Easily back up your Websites or files without caring how data is being transferred.


“If This Then That” is an awesome service that allows users to create logic connections between cloud applications, with selected triggers and actions. One can create an action, for example, to automatically save all new iPhone photos to Dropbox. The complexity and varieties of triggers and actions makes this tool is one of the most innovative applications for Dropbox and other cloud services.

Bruno Grange

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