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The spread of technology is connecting the world in ways that a decade ago would seem impossible. The convergence of social networking and mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops fosters new forms of communication. These new forms of interaction are helping midsize companies break down consumer barriers and thrive in today’s instrumented and interconnected world.

Businesses are built on relationships, both within and outside your company. Social businesses understand that those relationships must have fluid interactions between employees, customers and partners to drive maximum business value. IBM social collaboration solutions can help your business increase engagement with customers and partners and boost productivity through a culture of sharing—anywhere and anytime.

IBM Connections

Organizations have a need to become more integrated and social in how they communicate, innovate and make decisions. IBM Connections Suite combines marketplace leading social software with real-time social communications and content management to foster business competitiveness and growth.

IBM Connections Highlights:

  • Immediate and cost-effective ways for people to communicate, collaborate, and take action across an extended business network can help your organization transform into a social business and create competitive business value.
  • Trusted expertise from an extended internal professional network is quickly accessed via embedded presence awareness. Immediate access to your organization’s collective intelligence helps execute business tasks more efficiently and make decisions faster.
  • Integrated online meetings, a softphone, and advanced community tools reduce corporate telephony and travel costs with a standards driven approach to real-time collaboration within an encrypted, authenticated, and managed environment.
  • Liberate key organizational content by leveraging the foundational capabilities of your social network with embedded content management capabilities.
  • Control content creation and access using a security-rich, controlled content management engine to help accelerate productivity and business efficiency.
  • Discover expertise and content using social analytics to support deeper customer and partner relationships.
  • Act on content with real-time, in-context views of critical business activity.
  • Availability on a broad array of mobile devices and tablets empowers a nimble social business with powerful native client access from a broad set of mobile devices so individuals always stay connected.
  • IBM Connections Suite is comprised of IBM’s marketplace leading technologies including:IBM Connections, IBM Connections Content ManagerIBM Sametime ® Advanced, and IBM Sametime Unified Telephony Lite Client.

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IBM Notes and Domino

IBM® Notes® and Domino® (formerly IBM Lotus Notes and Domino) invented the groupware and enterprise collaboration market over 20 years ago. Since then, IBM has been a market share leader in providing security-rich messaging and business applications to organizations of all shapes and sizes. In a social-, mobile- and cloud-enabled workplace, IBM continues to innovate, with the new IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition. Move from email to social email experiences. Create a more effective workforce. Speed adoption of newer tools. Reduce costs.

IBM Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition Highlights:

  • Provides modern, in-context social collaboration capabilities
  • Enhanced, no cost entitlements for IBM Connections 4.0 Files & Profiles applications and Mobile access
  • Application Development: Now easier and faster than ever
  • IBM Notes Browser plugin: Easy access to IBM Notes Social Edition applications with light weight browser
  • IBM Notes Traveler: Support for To Do function on iOS & Android and broader platform support, Windows Phone 7.5/8, BlackBerry 10 and IBM i server
  • IBM Connections is the leading social software platform that enables organizations to engage the right people, drive innovation, and deliver results.

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